3 Ways to Authentically Automate Your Real Estate Pipeline
September 15, 2020
Real Estate

Your customers are smart. They can sniff out a canned message in an automated email that lacks authenticity.

They’re human, after all.

They just want to be heard, understood, and valued.  

So, just sending them the same message you sent to a hundred other leads is not going to get more leads into your real estate pipeline.  

As a Real Estate ISA, you need automation to manage capacity, but you also need authenticity to meet customer demands.

How the heck do you win?

Intentional Automation

Nurturing is the name of the game, generally with email marketing.

Can you nurture and still be authentic with your automation?

Yes, of course.

The first thing you would is a lead management system, like Firepoint, that automatically has 17 campaigns built-in, including tasks and drip campaigns to automate your response.  When a lead drops into your cue from your website lead capture form, your automation system kicks in to engage the lead to nurture them.

But, your automation cannot be canned, it needs to be authentic and personalized. Not just with a first-name personalized field – Hello Tom – it needs to personalized throughout your messaging.

Then, it is a best practice to segment your data and tailor your lead responses to their specific needs. If they’re just kicking the tires and not seriously looking to buy in the next 60 days your response to that lead will be different than those who are looking to buy now.

We tackled this and more during the webinar, “Build Up Your Pipeline with Authentic Automation Webinar,” with Gabe Cordova, CEO of Firepoint, and Nate Joens, CEO of Structurely.

Speed to Response

No, not speed to lead. We know you’re sick of hearing about speed to lead. Speed to Response is the time it takes you to respond after your lead responds to you.

You know, after the fourth or fifth time you’ve messaged them. By then, you’re relying on your automation to message the lead because you’re focusing on leads that are more responsive.  

Now that the lead has responded, however, you have to circle back within 24 hours or lose the lead forever.

How do you do that with authenticity?

First off, you need to have the systems in place to remove the lead from your nurturing efforts and then shift to send out a timely response.

That response needs to follow the suggestion from our buddy Robby T., with Hatch Coaching, who says there are two ways to do this:

  • To listen
  • To mirror and match

So, not only repeating what you heard from the lead but also mirroring and matching with the tone and behavior.

You can hear more about the mirror and matching concept in the “Authentic Automation For Lead Conversion Webinar.”

Respond and be personable

Well, how the heck do you do that and still meet capacity?

Other than adding in segmenting and personalization you also have to respond quickly when your lead takes the time to respond, as detailed above.

We’d suggest you add in conversational text messaging. Messaging that is not only responsive but also personal.

Shameless plug. We have just the thing for you, Aisa. She was built to maximize your authenticity and automate your processes. Adding her to your ISA team allows your team to focus on what they do best, moving the sale along, not spending their time cold calling or messaging leads that are not interested in buying or selling right now.

She has authenticity and empathy built into her scripts that react to the conversation with humanlike tendencies.

Aisa was built to maximize your authenticity and automate your processes

Technology is great. It solves many capacity issues and makes your ISA team more effective. But, it can also cause problems if you’re not focusing on the authenticity of your messages. After all, authentic automation leads to more authentic answers that allow you to maintain relationships and win more business in the long run.

Your customers can sniff out an automated email that lacks authenticity. In order to add to your real estate pipeline you need not send them a canned message

So, just sending them a canned message is not going to get more leads into your real estate pipeline.

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