Top Real Estate Team Increased Closings After Turning Off Lead Generation
January 8, 2021
Real Estate

Would it shock you if some of the top real estate teams believe they can turn their lead generation off and not skip a beat?

These are the teams that produced record results last year, even during the worldwide pandemic.

Their databases are so mature, and their systems are so fine-tuned that they didn’t need new leads coming in to continue to produce closings.

Treat their PPC Leads Like a Fine Wine

Pay Per Click (PPC) leads, for example, do not convert immediately. They are like fine wine; they get better with age.

At least, that is what Robby T., Head Lead Geek at Hatch Coaching, has repeated time and time again.

His team has had PPC leads take as long as 900 days to convert.

Can you imagine all the follow-up they’re doing to just keep their name in front of leads that take that long to convert?

They follow-up on all the channels, calls, texts, and emails with thousands of leads.

The compounding effect of new leads coming in and adding to the leads from the previous month has to be staggering.

Think about how many calls it takes you to get an answer. One example shared in the webinar – How Email Helped A Top Real Estate Team Qualify More Deals – was an ISA team placing 520 calls but only getting two answers.

Can that model be scaled to accommodate up to 1200 leads a month? With all of the compounding leads over a long period of time?

You and I both know the answer to those questions.

“You know, people don’t want to be called randomly for a lot of different reasons. It’s inconvenient. We’ve been trained to crave convenience and control and a random call is the opposite of convenient. It’s the opposite of control,” said Robby T.

I bet you’re wondering how they maintain that sort of volume without calling, for the most part, and not annoy the heck out of their leads.

It all starts with authentic automation and an intentional follow-up strategy.

You can hear how they do it, and a ton more, by watching the webinar below.

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