Real Estate Technology: How Three Agents Closed Two-Hundred Deals in One Year
June 3, 2021
Real Estate

You read that right.

Three agents closed two hundred deals in a calendar year with only a four-person support group.

How the heck did they do that?

They automated their real estate technology systems to work together. In this case, those systems were Brivity, Real Synch, and Structurely.

Increase Contact Rates

Your whole goal is to increase the number of times you talk to your prospects while lowering the amount of wasted time on the phones.

How do you do that?

Focus on the customers who want to talk to you, not with tire-kickers and low-quality leads.

“So if I can close 70 transactions on my own, what if I have all this automation and I can increase the lead count that I manage from 70 to 150,” said Steve LaMothe, CEO of Elevate Realty Group.

Allowing a system like Structurely the opportunity to wean out the tire-kickers will ensure your team is only talking to leads who want to move in the next 30, 60, or 90 days.

It will also provide value to your agents because you have an appointment setting machine that allows you to control your cost of sale.

Manage the Willpower

Anyone who has had to make 100 phone calls daily knows how terrible it is. After about the 50th dial with no human contact, your willpower starts to deplete. You begin to make excuses and consider pushing the calls to the next day.

There is no way around it. If you don’t enjoy making these calls, you cannot get your head wrapped around them to give them your best. So, when you do connect with a human, you’re so shocked your call stinks.

“Our standard is we try to make one hundred dials every day and talk to at least 20 people. Right. Twenty phone calls no one wants to make. Right. But if we can get that down to 20 phone calls and talk to 20 people, I mean, that’s massive, right? Because then we can make 20 more phone calls, and we’re going to want to because we don’t have to make one hundred to get twenty. Right,” added Steve.

Setting up a system like Structurely to connect with your 100 leads a day and then only spending your time with the leads that bubble up and want to talk to you is the best use of your time and mental capacity.

To hear all of the gold that came from the A New Way to Close More Deals: Talk to Less People Webinar, head below. By watching, you’ll hear more about how automation led Steve’s team to 200 closed transactions and how it can work for your team too.

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