Structurely Listed with the Bakers Dozen of Real Estate Tech
April 19, 2021
Real Estate

Realtor Magazine lists Structurely along with many of the heavy hitters in real estate technology.

The future of real estate is at your fingertips quite literally. With technology built to streamline many of the day-to-day tasks and operations for real estate professionals, brokers and agents alike have taken to the Internet to find ways they can make their lives easier.

One such innovation is Structurely’s AI Assistant, which Realtor Magazine just mentioned as one of the top real estate tech that can help you succeed in your business.

The Assistant engages, nurtures, and qualifies online leads using two-way conversation at scale. It is also integrated with many of the industry’s most popular CRMs.

“It’s great to see Structurely listed in Realtor Magazine’s Broker 2021 Toolbox,” says Brian Gumm, Product Manager. “In feedback sessions with our customers, I consistently hear them point out how much they value the high-quality conversations that our AI Assistant can provide at scale and at any time, day or night.”

The whos-who of real estate technology list includes Brokermint, PomoDoneApp, Parkbench, Typeform, Taskade, Realtors Property Resource, Wisestamp, GetAccept, Grammarly, iGuide Planix, and Coacher.


Founded in 2017, with headquarters in Ames, Iowa, Stucturely leads the way for sales and marketing teams in real estate, mortgage, and leasing industries with their conversational AI technology. Their two-way conversations qualify online leads by engaging, nurturing, and qualifying the opportunities 24/7/365.

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