Why Realtors Can’t Just Rely on Speed to Lead For Facebook Ads
December 3, 2020
Real Estate

Setting up ads on Facebook can be a pain in the backside.

I’ve struggled with their ad setup up for years.

Their UI has affectionately been called the labyrinth of confusion.

So what do you do if you’re a busy Realtor?

There are many options for you to choose from:

  • You could hire an agency
  • Work with an industry-specific team that knows the ins and outs of Facebook.
  • Or some combination of these two

Our friend Stephen Whiting, from StreetText, recently explained his team’s entire philosophy around their Facebook advertising that left me quite amazed.

For starters, he showcased how StreetText provides proven and tested templates that make it easier for you to set up your ads in their system. You get to leverage their hard work to maximize your ad spend.

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The amazing part to me is their magic elixir, the 3 Ad Split test.

They know that Facebook selects different people each time you run an ad, so they built a test to run the same ad in three different ways to essentially game the system, which has lowered cost and improved productivity for many of their customers.

Yet, just generating high quality, low-cost leads is just part of the puzzle. The other part is the follow-up.

Lead Follow-Up

An average lead takes 6 to 8 attempts to respond. Some of the best ISA teams need to have between 500 and 800 contacts in their pipeline every single day.

We’re talking about thousands of follow-ups and they’re in all different stages of the process.

How do you manage it all?

You’re likely familiar with all of the solutions out there to automate your messages. Speed to lead is no longer a concern since you can get a message to your leads quickly.

When that lead chooses to respond to your fourth automated message you likely cannot pivot to respond because you’re in a showing or out to dinner with your family.  

Do you have a system in place to respond to that lead?

Most Realtors don’t.

Speed to response is the real gap for most Realtors. You have – at most – 24 hours to get back to your lead. I’m not talking about another automated canned email either.

I could go on and on about the value I found in listening to the Make the Most of Your Leads: Your Leads Deserve Better Webinar from last month.

In the below webinar, Stephen and Nate dive deeper into how you can not only maximize your Facebook ad strategy to get the most leads but also how to follow-up with them to set up 2021 to be a bang-up year.

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