New From Structurely: Mobile Apps Makeover
April 19, 2019

We’ve got some exciting new updates to our iOS and Android mobile apps we think you’ll love!

  • 🗄 Filter by Stage when viewing the inbox
  • 📭 Open the app when clicking an email notification on your phone
  • 💻 Updated lead profile with full qualifiers and editable fields
  • ☑️ Tasks are now available in the updated lead profile
  • 📪 Open or Close a lead from within the mobile app
  • 😀 Admins can log in as members of their team, or teams
  • ✏️ Write internal notes to your team in the lead conversation

Stage Filters

You can now filter leads by the following Stages right from within your app:

  • Responsive
  • Unresponsive
  • Interested
  • Not interested
  • Needs agent follow up
Stage Filters.

Combine multiple filters with Stages to create quick and powerful views into where your leads stand. Such as leads that “need agent follow up, and have not yet been engaged by an agent”.

Start utilizing filters today in the inbox screen of your iOS or Android app!

Open email notifications on mobile, directly in the app

Have you ever received an email notification from Structurely on the go, just to click on it and have it open in browser on your phone?

Not ideal right?

Well say no more. Now, when you click on an email notification on your phone, you will be directed to that lead right within your mobile app!

Email notifications

Updated lead profile with tasks

We’ve added the complete lead qualification profile to the mobile app, including two new qualifiers – lead readiness and contingency.

You can now view your lead’s qualification status at a glance, and edit any remaining fields, all within the lead profile.

Not to mention, you can now open, or close a lead right from the app (finally!).

Lastly, tasks are now included in the lead profile. That means when Aisa Holmes qualifies a lead for you, and sets a follow up tasks, you can complete it right and close it right away from your phone.

Lead profile

Log in as members of your team

Sometimes, as a team leader, or admin, you just need to do something for someone else on your team – like update a name, setting, or view a lead.

Well now you can. Admins can now log into a team members account from right within the mobile app.

That way, you never need to share logins, or wait around for an agent member to do something for your, from within their account.

Log in as member of your team

Send your team internal notes

Lead conversion is a team sport. Your ISAs, agents, admins and operators all need to work together to close a deal.

Now, with internal notes, you can!

Adding an internal note to your team is as simple as sending a message. Simply toggle to the note icon, which will highlight yellow for you (so you don’t accidentally send it as a message to your lead ?) then compose your note, and click add.

Your note will now be visible to everyone on your team with access to that lead!

Internal notes

We hope these updates bring you as much joy as we have had working on them for you!

Be on the lookout for many new updates to come to your HomeChat dashboard in the coming weeks as well.

And keep an eye on our blog for updates to come later this year, while we’re working on one of the most exciting features to date!

Stay tuned to find out what that is?

Happy closings!

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