The complete guide to Build GPT AI into your platform to qualify sales leads
February 3, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • The largest CRM in real estate generates $3.4M in new revenue from their, in-app, white labeled, Structurely AI upsell offering
  • 20% of real estate lead generation or CRM companies use Structurely AI to qualify sales leads for their users
  • Structurely’s GPT AI can be added to your platform in less than 3 days
  • Building custom GPT solutions, even with out-of-the-box APIs, can create high sunk costs, drag, and overhead

The Case for Adding GPT-powered AI to your Platform to Generate Additional Revenue

With all the latest advancements in AI, especially around GPT-powered AI, you may have begun considering what it would take to add an AI tool to your existing platform or software.

Adding Conversational AI to your Platform

It generally makes the most sense to add AI for lead qualification and nurture to these types of platforms::

  • CRMs
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales engagement
  • Sales enablement
  • Service/help desk software

The bottom line for sales, marketing, product, and engineering decision-makers when asking, “should we scope out adding AI to our product?” comes down to – what is your ROI and benefit to your team and/or users?

Read ahead to look at possible ROI calculations and a real-world example of a CRM platform that added AI. 

But first, let’s consider all the possible benefits of adding AI for lead qualification to your platform:

  • Your users won’t say “the leads you’re generating for me aren’t good”
  • Every lead or customer in your platform will be guaranteed a long-term follow-up cadence over multiple channels
  • The number of qualified appointments for your users will increase by 2x or more
  • 17% of every lead in your combined users’ platform will become qualified, or “agent ready”

The days of simply solving “speed to lead” or “automated one-way drip nurture sequences” are over. Leads require on-demand, high-quality conversations that help them move to the next stage in their buying journey – this is known as “speed to response”. And your customers expect that of your platform too.

This is why Structurely has seen over 20% of every lead generation or CRM company in real estate add AI for lead qualification, powered by Structurely, to their platform.

How the #1 CRM for teams in real estate added AI and created a new $3.4m revenue center

The largest CRM and lead generation platform for real estate teams generates more than 6,000,000 leads per year for their customers while helping their users manage millions more within their CRM.

With 3,000 teams and over 50,000 agents using their platform to manage every aspect of their customer journey, they have extreme visibility into how and what is causing their leads to convert. 

This led them to realize a harsh truth: the leads they’re generating for their customers typically aren’t being followed up with and qualified appropriately.

In fact, they came to Structurely saying things like, “our users are telling us our leads aren’t good when in reality they just don’t have the tools and systems in place to convert them”.

Enter Structurely AI for lead qualification. 

[Redacted] Platform’s white labeled Structurely AI for lead qualification

This platform integrated with Structurely’s API to white label a lead qualification AI offering into their application.

They included custom-built scripts, created by their internal customer success and training team which is comprised of high-producing agents themselves.

This allowed them to launch with a suite of real estate conversational AI use cases like:

  • New buyer lead qualification
  • New seller lead qualification
  • Website behavioral-based triggers for lead qualification
  • And many more use cases vetted by their team of experts

The rollout of their “Platform AI” was strong and steady. Their users were already keenly aware of the problem being solved, which was, “I struggle with effectively converting the leads you’re generating and managing for me” and they quickly saw nearly 50% adoption of the Platform AI service across all their user accounts.

The beauty of adding GPT-powered AI to your platform is that, like with this platform, it benefits your users greatly. This means you can offer the service as an up/cross-sell opportunity.

This platform did just that. Charging in the low to mid hundreds of dollars per month to add on the additional Platform AI feature, it was often a no-brainer to the platform’s users.

The end result was this platform had generated so much adoption that they created a new $3.4M annual revenue center on top of their core business.

In summary, the platform AI results…

  • A new $3.4M revenue and profit center
  • A solution to “speed to response” problem
  • Differentiation from competitors by being on the leading edge of AI technology
  • Increased client retention rates
  • Happier clients

For the platform’s clients…

  • Appointments set with leads doubled
  • Have a “done for you” lead generation and lead conversion platform
  • No more leads slipping through the cracks
  • 24/7/365 lead follow-up coverage

Platform AI billing and revenue opportunity

The extra costs and time you face when building your own lead qualification service.

Much of the attention in the AI world is around open source, or open API services, such as ChatGPT.

Technology like this leaves you with a world of possibilities to build. You’re left with almost infinite use cases…so long as you can build them. This often takes more time and resources than it may appear on the surface. And ultimately, building AI into your platform comes down to a “buy vs. build” analysis.

As mentioned throughout this article, Structurely leverages a custom-tuned GPT model to power our lead qualification conversational AI. But Structurely’s feature set doesn’t leave all the work to your product and development teams. Buying into Structurely’s developer experience to add AI to your platform results in a shorter time to market, less new product maintenance, and less upfront development time.

Put simply, implementing Structurely ‘s white-label AI into your platform can take days instead of months to build out your own application on technology like ChatGPT or other open-source/non-use case-specific tools.

Let’s consider a “buy vs. build” additional cost analysis to adding AI for lead qualification to your platform:

“Build” – using an open source or API-based conversational AI (like ChatGPT)

  • Build your own AI model (if not using a pre-trained model)
  • Accumulate your own training data for training or fine-tuning
  • Train multiple different models for:
    – Response generation
    – Intent classification
    – Entity extraction
    – Sentiment analysis
  • Develop custom scripting language to manage response generation (even if you use out-of-the-box AI-generated responses, customers will likely want them tweaked in some customizable way)
  • Staff your own internal real-time human-in-the-loop supervision, revision and training
  • Develop, maintain, and store conversational data, training vectors, model/response investigations, and response generation.

“Buy” – adding out-of-the-box GPT AI like Structurely via API to your platform

  • Pre-trained AI model trained on 30,000,000+ hand-annotated messages within the narrow use case of qualifying sales and marketing leads
  • One singular API to access:
    – AI-generated responses
    – AI intent and lead categorization classifications
    – Extracted conversational entities
    – Custom script use cases
  • Pre-built library of over 100 scripts for use cases in industries like:
    – Real estate
    – Financial services
    – Insurance
    – Automotive
    – Solar
    – Home services
  • 365 days per year real-time human-in-the-loop AI response supervision, revision and training
  • CRUD API with webhooks to access conversational data on demand and/or in real-time

Buying AI lead qualification as a service vs. building it comes with its pros and cons as outlined above. But ultimately, there’s little to argue when it comes to the value that the new service is providing to your platform users.

On average, Structurely’s end users see a 21x ROI. Calculated by taking the number of appointments the Structurely AI sets for them, multiplying by their typical appointment set to close ratio, and multiplying once again by their typical take-home commission, finally, dividing by the dollar amount spent on Structurely all time. This is a true and accurate examination of the value a lead qualification AI service can bring to your platform users.

Example Structurely ROI from real customer’s account

How easy is it to add Structurely’s GPT-powered AI to your CRM for lead nurture and qualification

You’re convinced adding an AI offering to qualify leads to your platform is going to increase your users’ happiness, retention, and willingness to pay… and we agree. 

Now it’s time to implement. 

There’s nearly an infinite number of approaches you could take to adding AI to your platform – from open source to out-of-the-box, to custom-built. 

In the context of lead qualification AI for sales and marketing teams in the financial services, real estate, insurance, automotive, banking and adjacent spaces, there’s no easier and more experienced platform than Structurely.

Adding Structurely’s GPT-powered AI to your platform can be done in just 3 days. Here’s how:

You only need to implement 2 POST requests and listen to webhook events, to have a full-functioning conversational AI in your platform:

  • Send a POST request to create a new Conversation with information that you have about the lead, like their name and interest
  • Send a POST  request to store a message any time the lead responds.
  • Listen to webhook events from Structurely, and deliver AI-generated responses to the messaging channel of your choice (Twilio, SendGrid, etc).
Structurely API documentation

Then, you’ll just repeat the above steps as the conversation ensues between the AI and lead, and for each conversation across all your user accounts’ leads.

You will need to consider additional in-platform features to support your new Platform AI product such as:

  • User opt-in and billing (and up/cross-sell motions)
  • Lead enrolment into the Platform AI service
  • UI display for the Platform AI conversation and extracted data

Structurely has just released it’s Connect Portal, providing developer tools and insights into the conversational AI.  These tools make development a breeze, by visualizing each request and webhook response for a conversation.  , We are also building tools that allow for the low or no-code implementation of the GPT-powered conversational AI. 

Structurely Connect Portal (launching for general availability on 2/14)

Product implementation resources to make adding GPT-powered AI to your product easier than ever

In conclusion:

  • Software companies whose platform helps users interact with their end customer have an immediate and demanding use case to add GPT-powered AI for lead qualification to their platform
  • Users are demanding higher quality leads, which is accomplished through platforms deepening their involvement in lead qualification through automation like AI
  • GPT-powered AI has made AI more accessible to develop with, but a “buy vs. build” decision must be weighed to determine the right product implementation strategy
  • Many CRMs and lead generation companies have begun adding AI to their platform already, including at least 20% of all CRM/lead gen. companies in real estate and the #1 platform for real estate teams
  • There are many additional costs to developing your own AI, even when leveraging powerful, yet raw, models like ChatGPT/GPT-3
  • GPT-powered AI with narrow use cases like Structurely have a suite of pre-built features that make developing AI lead qualification for platforms quick and easy

Structurely is committed to making adding AI lead qualification as a service to your platform the easiest way you’ll find on the market. We stand by our statement that you can add AI to your platform in 3 days or less using Structurely’s suite of AI developer tools.

And we’re committing even more to that vision. Throughout 2023, starting as early as January, you’ll see new products, features, and improvements to our developer suite. Starting with our Connect Portal for Partners, releasing to general availability in February of 2023. With more improvements coming to the Connect Portal in Q1 of 2023 including no/low-code conversational AI widgets to make development time and implementation time even easier. 

Structurely’s Connect Portal, coming 2/14

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