Doubling Down on the Conversation: Introducing the New Structurely
October 2, 2020

We care about conversations.

Yes, we’re a conversational artificial intelligence company, but we’re not like the others.

We actually care about conversations. We don’t use the fact that we’re AI as an excuse for poor conversations.

That’s why we’re doubling down on conversation.

Introducing the new Structurely.

Introducing the new Structurely.

What’s this mean to you?

You’ve trusted us to talk to your most valuable assets: your leads and customers (thank you).

We wanted to build a logo that reflected that responsibility, and our new logo does just that, here’s how:

a logo that reflected that responsibility.

  • Build by messages: Each individual part of the Structurely “S” logo is a message. We’re built by messages and we help our customers build their message. If you were to stack a typical conversation messaging thread in a modern application, it would look similar to the back and forth represented in our logo.
  • Mirror + Match: We believe artificial intelligence should help people feel heard, understood, and valued. We embody this in our company by building products that follow the “mirror and match” philosophy. This means to adapt to how your counterpart is speaking. If they are short and direct, or use emojis and GIFs, do the same. Our logo is simply a series of flipped, reflected and shifted shapes. In other words, mirrored images of one another.
  • Streamlined: The promise of artificial intelligence has always been to streamline aspects of our lives. So too is the goal of Structurely. Our logo represents this through it’s straight, clean lines. They can also be interpreted as input/output (I/O) which is a basic function of not only many software applications, but a fundamental concept in artificial intelligence.

What are we doing about it?

We’re putting our money where our mouth is 🤑

With all sorts of new features built to help you build better conversations and relationships with your leads and customers.

Custom answers

With custom answers, you can now take advantage of all the pre-built questions and answers we’ve built for you, and have been using up until this point.

These are when a lead says things like “what’s your commission?”, I’m already working with an agent.”, and more.

As of today, you have the ability to customize your AI’s response to questions like those listed above, as well as 157 others. (We’ll constantly be adding to this list so don’t you worry, your conversations will only get more and more flexible).

Email is not dead

Up until this point, Structurely has only been conversational AI for text messaging and live chat.

No longer. We know email is not dead, so we’re doing something about it.

Structurely’s conversational AI will now follow-up and qualify your leads via email. (note: this feature is still in early access, so please contact us to get it added to your account!)

The beauty in email is it’s coordination with text messaging.

We’ve been busy building new pre-built real estate, mortgage and other scripts that will contact your leads over email and text simultaneously, which will more than likely double your response rate.

Doubling down on everything conversational

We aim to give you the ability to customize every possible aspect of your Structurely account.

We’re doing so with the features listed in this post, but we’re nowhere near done yet.

Next up on our roadmap for your convenience:

  • Complete drip and re-drip customization
  • More and more and more integrations with your favorite products
  • A Structurely Zapier app, yes, it’s time

We’re focused on customization, integration and building a stable, sustainable product and company you can trust and adore.

We will never stop caring about the conversations you trust our product to have with your most valuable assets: your leads and customers.

Talk soon,

The Structurely Team

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