Moving from Sales to Service: Automate Questions and Responses with Custom Answers
September 30, 2020

Question for ya: how many questions do you get asked by your leads and customers every day? 10, 100, 1,000? No matter the amount, it can be tough to triage.

This is why the idea of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) were created. We wanted to help our audience help themselves.

But FAQs feel impersonal, they’re not conclusive and they leave your customers and leads wanting more answers.

So they message you.

“What’s the sales tax in your area?”

“What is your pricing structure?”

“Where do I go to sign up or apply?”

All those questions sound familiar right?

They’re not particularly complex, and I’m sure you’ve answered them hundreds of times.

But, guess what, I’m sure you’ll have to answer them hundreds of more times. It’s just how your customers and leads work. They want personalized support, a direct answer to their question and they want it now (or at 2 a.m. when they message you)

General answers aren’t enough

If you’re like most people, you want a direct answer to your questions. FAQs and support automation tools are great at doing just that: answering generic questions.

But they fall flat when a lead or customer might ask more specific questions.

In today’s on-demand world, your audience wants answers now. They don’t want to hear “let me get back to you on that shortly”.

Up until today, that’s exactly how Structurely’s Aisa Holmes would answer questions for you. Not any more.

Introducing Custom Answers

Structurely’s Custom Answers allow you to customize nearly 150 (and growing) common answers to questions asked by your leads and customers who are conversing with Structurely’s artificial intelligence.

Introducing Custom Answers.

To date, Structurely’s AI assistant has answered nearly all the questions leads ask, that you see listed here.

However, our answers have been very generic, on purpose, because we cannot answer specific questions such as “what’s your commission rate”. Obviously, questions like that vary from business to business.

So we wrote answers to these questions such as “let me have my associate follow up with you on their commission rate structure shortly.”

These generic answers work, and they’ll continue to be supported, tweaked available to you throughout all your conversations forever.

However, we believe in creating indistinguishable-from-human conversations that provide the highest level of service to your leads and customers. This means we believe you should customize answers that are specific to your business, and that’s now possible with Custom Answers.

From sales to service

Buyers and sellers today make their own decisions before they ever contact you. It’s the way of the world, thanks to the internet.

So the way we do sales has also changed.

It’s now a service-first mindset, not a sales-first.

Thankfully, lead conversion tools like Structurely’s AI assistant have been trained that way.

This isn’t all to say we don’t believe in the sale. In fact, with Structurely’s Script Customization feature + Custom Answers, you can build a nearly infinite conversation.

Structurely's Script Customization.

One that’s service first, specific, and indistinguishable-from-human.

And one that converts your leads and helps your customers like never before.

Custom Answers, Script Customization, and all the all-star features of Structurely’s AI Assistant are included and available to you today.

Start building the AI assistant you’ve always dreamed of.

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