How High Performing Teams Level Up Their BoomTown Account with Automation Webinar
March 24, 2021

In the “How High Performing Teams Level Up Their BoomTown Account with Automation Webinar,” hosts Tyler Jordison and Chris Watters, along with panelists Scott Sillari, Greg Fowler, and a real estate entrepreneur and coach, discuss the importance of automation in real estate teams’ productivity and profitability. They share their experiences with managing multiple logins and data entry, and the challenges of double data entry. The panelists describe how they have implemented integration tools like┬áReal Sync┬áto automate the process, reducing the need for manual data entry and improving efficiency. The webinar also covers the significance of making automated responses from bots indistinguishable from human interactions and the importance of integrating different systems to streamline lead management. The speakers emphasize the role of automation in building and utilizing tech stacks effectively, generating leads, and competing with larger real estate portals. They discuss tools like retargeting ads, third-party ISAs, and conversions, and share their experiences with their implementation. The webinar also touches upon the challenges of getting real estate agents to follow best practices for lead follow-up and the importance of small investments in tools to optimize lead generation budgets and enhance CRM use.

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