Conversational AI Customer Support + Zendesk
December 1, 2020
Customer Journey

How many times has your team answered the same mundane questions from customers like “how do I change my password?”

We’ve all been continually hit over the head with “automation, automation, automation” to optimize our workflows and make our customer support teams as efficient as possible.

There are a few things we haven’t been able to automate yet. One of them is authentic, empathetic automated conversations.

For us CX leaders, this could mean automating conversations with customers after they submit a support ticket or proactively upselling/cross-selling customers.

Unfortunately, the technology just hasn’t been good enough.

BUT the technology has improved leaps and bounds over the past few years to make authentic automated conversations with customers a possibility.

The promised land

I want you to close your eyes and visualize this: Your customer support team never has to answer a tier 1 support ticket again.

All tier 1 support tickets are responded to immediately, 24/7/365.

Your customer support team can spend 100% of their time on complex tickets that require their expertise.

Your customer support team’s productivity goes through the roof.

Your CSAT score skyrockets.

You become a legend in the office.

Give Zendesk (and your team) superpowers 🦸🏻‍♀️

I’d like to introduce you to the person(?) who can turn the promised land into a reality for you.

AI Assistant meet, well, you. You, meet your AI Assistant. 🤝

Give your team superpowers.

Your AI Assistant handles your tier 1 support tickets through the Zendesk integration on all of your messaging platforms – email, live chat, SMS, FB Messenger, etc.

She answers those inquiries immediately with custom responses so they’re on-brand and specific to your product or solution.

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The best thing is she loves conversation and she uses empathy that is so human-like she’s been asked out on dates before.

It’s weird, we know. 😉

She also increases your reps’ productivity because she takes the mundane tasks off your team’s desk so they can focus on the more complex tickets.

Plus, she does it at scale, 24/7/365. 😴

We’re in an era when your customers want personalized, immediate solutions every time they connect.

If they don’t get it, they bounce. Or, at least, they shout it all over social media.

Built within Zendesk

I can see the terror in your eyes as you’re thinking about introducing a new tool to your team.

Fear not, your AI Assistant is built right into Zendesk.

The only thing you’ll need to educate your team about is they won’t have to do tier 1 support tickets anymore. They might like hearing that.

Built within Zendesk.

Your team will be able to see all the conversations your AI Assistant is having with your customers right within Zendesk. If they feel like micromanaging and want to take over the conversation, they can at any time.

Your AI Assistant can have conversations on any channel where customers message you.

Your AI Assistant can have conversations on any channel where customers message you.

Your AI Assistant has many use cases.

Want her to respond to all new inbound support tickets immediately? Done.

Proactive outreach to ensure customers are happy? Easy peasy.

Upsell customers your latest feature? Throw it on her.

Let’s get you to the promised land of an optimized customer support team and skyrocketing CSAT scores.

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