Top 5 Automated Lead Qualification Tools of 2023
November 6, 2023
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Top 5 Automated Lead Qualification Tools of 2023

Finding leads is only half the battle. Your sales reps and account executives have to focus on qualified leads for the best chances of closing a sale.

Unfortunately, lead qualification, scoring, and segmenting take a lot of time and resources. Doing this manually is unsustainable even for 10-20 leads per day. You need automation to help you scale. 

Automated lead qualification saves your team hours every week. With all that time saved, your sales team can focus on what they do best—turning leads into paying customers. 

So, what’s all the fuss around automated lead qualification? Here are the basics that you need to know. 

What is Automated Lead Qualification

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As a rule of thumb, anything that needs repeating can be automated. Automated lead qualification software takes the repetitive tasks necessary to qualify a lead and does it instantly. 

Each organization has its idea of what makes a qualified lead. Most base it on their ideal customer profile or buyer persona. Some use qualification methods like MEDDICC or BANT. 

We can take the principles from frameworks like BANT and MEDDICC and do them at scale with the help of automation. Doing so provides businesses with several benefits. 

Benefits of Automated Lead Qualification

No matter the industry you’re in or what your ICP or buyer personas are, automation can bring the following advantages to your business: 

Unified Qualification Standards

Your marketing and sales departments play different and essential roles in finding, qualifying, and nurturing leads. Automating lead qualifying allows both departments to be in sync. 

For example, leads from inbound content campaigns can be qualified the moment they engage with your marketing team. The same goes for your outbound campaign, like cold emails. 

When leads are qualified right from the get-go, marketing and sales can curate better, more personalized, relevant content for lead nurturing. 

Better Curated Content For Nurturing

Nurturing leads with valuable content based on their needs builds a solid foundation for relationships. By automating the qualification process, you better understand a lead’s needs.

For example, you have an automated chatbot trained for lead qualification talking with a roof repair lead. The lead says, “I have a small leak, I tried to repair it, but it keeps coming back. I need it repaired within the week before the storm hits.

Automated qualification tools can immediately recognize the urgency in this lead’s tone, a timeline, and the issue. It can then send notifications to SDRs for outreach and give the lead information about further steps he can do for DIY repairs. 

But, afterward, position your services as the ultimate and fastest solution to fix the problem and even create schedules for a meeting or a call straight from the conversation

Streamlined Scheduling

Lead qualification can pinpoint sales-ready leads. When a lead shows legitimate interest in your product/services, you need to capitalize fast. 

After qualifying, SDRs can get notified on which leads to focus on ASAP. Some lead automation software like Structrely can even schedule meetings as leads are conversing with a chatbot.

The best part is that these chatbots can talk and empathize like humans. So, if you want to streamline lead qualification and get these benefits, here are the tools you should look into. 

Best Automated Lead Qualification Software 

Finding the right lead qualification tool takes time, research, and testing. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of automated lead qualification tools worth considering this 2023:


best lead qualification software

If you want to automate both lead qualification and sales cadences, Structurely is all you need. It enables you to communicate with your leads automatically through texts, calls, emails, and chatbots from your website.  

And it can do all the qualifying while having humanlike conversations. This is perfect for nurturing leads in industries like home service or real estate, where urgency is key. Here’s a snippet from one of our case studies:

AI assistant

Pro Profs Survey Maker

proprofs homepage 

In most cases, the best way to understand what a lead needs is to ask directly. When you know what they want, offering the right solutions becomes faster and more efficient. 

Pro Profs Survey Maker allows for just that. It’s a cloud-based tool to help your SDRs understand leads’ pain points through surveys, forms, quizzes, and online assessments. 

Although SDRs still need to qualify leads based on their response, they don’t have to communicate with the leads directly, thanks to these automated surveys. 


hubspot CRM

Hubspot is a powerful CRM that allows you to automate lead engagement through various channels, such as social media and email. 

With automated sales cadences and follow-ups, your sales team gets a clear picture of the most qualified leads based on their response to your outreach efforts. 

Hubspot provides various marketing, sales, and lead management tools. This lets your team streamline qualification efforts based on your ICPs or buyer personas. 


acquire live chat

Acquire leverages automated inquiry routing to enable your sales team to focus and further personalize lead support. Your SDRs can quickly parse lead info, historical conversations, and past notes from previous agents they interacted with to get a full overview. 

For example, users can create “Business Rules” in Acquire to enable automatic actions and notifications to your sales team based on lead behavior and demographics. This creates more fluidity across multiple communication channels and faster qualification. 


overloop homepage

If you want to focus on qualifying leads across multi-channel outbound campaigns, Overloop could be the tool for you. It can automate email campaigns and has LinkedIn Automation features as well. 

With Overloop, you can easily build your prospect list, engage through automated outbound campaigns, and qualify them from a centralized app. And with its built-in analytics, you can easily adapt and develop better strategies for finding and qualifying leads.  

Key Takeaways

Investing in automated lead qualification software is a game changer. To make sure you’re making the most out of your investment, here’s a look at some key details you might’ve missed:

  • You can automatically qualify, nurture, and schedule leads with the right tools. 
  • Automated lead qualification helps qualify both inbound and outbound leads. 
  • You can set your parameters for what you consider “qualified leads.”

If you want to get all these benefits and more, look no further than Structurely. Start automating your lead qualification today!