The New Era of the AI Power Dialer for Qualifying Sales Leads
September 14, 2023

Think about the last sale you made. 

Where’d it come from? Did you call the lead first? Text them? Email them? All of the above?

How many calls did it take to close the deal?

Almost with complete certainty, it took 1 or more call to close that deal, right?


While there’s nobody who loves texting (and emailing) more than us at Structurely, we know the honest truth is: phone calls close deals.

So we’ve built the first AI power dialer software that combines what you already know and love from Structurely (text and email AI) with an AI sales dialer that facilitates the calls you need to close deals. 

What is a dialer? How an AI Power Dialer compares to traditional sales dialers.

A sales dialer is a call center software that automates the dialing process, so sales reps don’t have to manually enter information to make calls or texts.

A dialer’s “central nervous system” is its ability to manage and upload call lists. Without these lists, sales reps or call center managers would have no way to manage the contacts they want to call using automation.

Dialers are an absolutely vital part of call center workflows. Without them, high-volume call centers would have no plausible way to make hundreds of thousands of inbound and outbound calls.

Because dialers are so vital to call centers, there’s a flood of them on the market. There’s:

  • power dialers
  • predictive dialers
  • automated dialers
  • batch dialer
  • Inbound call tracking dialers

And now… there’s the AI Power Dialer, by Structurely.

An AI Power Dialer will forever change how your call center reps work. By combining the best of all 3 of texting, calling, and AI, the Structurely AI Power Dialer is meeting your customers where they are, and making life on your reps that much easier. 

Let’s dive into the new AI dialer and how it stacks up to other dialers on the market.

How to Set Up the Text-Call-AI Technique with an AI Power Dialer

Many dialers on the market today claim to be “powered by AI”. 

It’s easy to claim that, but another thing to back that claim up. Structurely has been a leader in AI for 7 years, pioneering a GPT-based AI approach to qualifying leads over text message.

This expertise in handling over 10,000,000 contact conversations over text message has led us to intimately understand what it takes to close deals.

Whether you’re in real estate, mortgage, home improvement, home services, or any business that gets leads, the job of your call center/sales reps is to get a lead to respond to you, and then get them qualified. 

And Structurely’s AI has historically proven a 57% response rate to text messages and a 17% total lead qualification rate by our AI.

And now, after launching AI Live Transfers just last month, we’ve seen a whopping 31% call answer rate (with only qualified leads).

Together, we call this the “Text-Call-AI Technique” and proven to be a leading approach to qualifying leads. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Lead is uploaded to Structurely’s AI via CRM or lead upload ist
  2. Structurely’s AI instantly engages the lead via text message
  3. Structurely’s AI follows up with the lead until they finally respond
  4. When the lead responds, Structurely’s AI has a 2-way qualifying conversation
  5. When the lead is qualified, the AI initiates a live transfer to the assigned rep
  6. AI calls the rep, AI calls the lead, and merges the call

Now, before the launch of Structurely’s AI Power Dialer, the “call” part of the Text-Call-AI technique, outlined above, would historically have to be made through a totally different and disparate call center software. 

For example, Structurely’s AI may initiate a live transfer to your Google Voice number, or your call center/sales reps may be calling Structurely leads from that very same Google Voice, or other dialer phone number.

The major issue with that is: that when you’re calling leads from a different number than you’re texting from, your leads are far less likely to answer.

Think about it. Your lead is texting you (or your Structurely AI) at one number, and then out of the blue, another different number calls them. The lead won’t answer because:

  1. They don’t know that new number
  2. That new number could be a totally different company to them
  3. They were expecting a call from the number they were already texting from

Now, with the Structurely AI Power Dialer, you can call leads from the same number you’re texting them from.

How does an AI Power Dialer work?

As mentioned earlier, power dialers live and die by lists.

The Structurely AI Power Dialer is no different. It too, needs to be fed lists for calls. 

But…the Structurely AI Power Dialer is automatically creating call lists for you, using AI.

These call lists are automatically created by Structurely’s Text AI engine. Automatically categorizing leads into lists such as:

  • Interested leads
  • Agent follow-up leads
  • Leads who’ve not responded
  • New leads

These lists wouldn’t be possible without the text and AI in the Text-Call-AI technique. For example, leads will automatically make it to the “agent follow-up” call list when the Structurely AI has had a text AI conversation with them and deemed them ready for follow-up. 

The same is true for the other lists, as Structurely’s text AI will automatically categorize them for you.

This alone will keep your call center managers and reps from guessing who needs to be called, why and when. The AI power dialer will constantly update these lists, and your job is just to constantly work to get them to 0 leads (leads will automatically be removed from the list when you call them).

How an AI Power Dialer Gives You Visibility into Calls

Now that you’re actually making calls from the AI Power Dialer, from the AI queued-up call lists, your work has really only just begun.

While you’re on a call you can see all the relevant data gleaned from Structurely’s AI before the call started (if there was any). 

You can also see any AI-created tasks that your reps need to be aware of. That’s right, Structurely’s AI will automatically create tasks based on what was said by the lead prior to the call (or actually on the call, which we’re about to get to next).

Lastly, your reps can see call dispositions (automatically set by AI post-call) and a full recording and transcription of the call.

Every part of the Structurely AI Power Dialer is integrated right into your CRM, giving you a full CRM dialer. See call recordings, text AI conversation history, and other AI-gleaned insights right in your CRM or even CRM-embedded app (such as with Salesforce, Follow Up Boss and the HubSpot dialer)

But that’s not all…

AI Call Insights are automatically gleaned by the AI while you’re on the call, so you (and the AI) can know exactly what was said, and exactly what’s needed next to close the deal.

The days of call data being locked away on calls are over. Structurely’s AI Power Dialer is opening up the black box of call data, giving you as a call center manager, visibility and insights into what is happening on hundreds of thousands (or millions) of calls, with ease.

But, AI Call Insights aren’t just a benefit to you. They’re a benefit to our AI itself, to finally give Structurely’s AI a complete look into the entire sales cycle. 

Before, Structurely AI had no idea what was being said on phone calls that it queued up. 

But now, the AI knows exactly what happened on those calls. Giving it access to do even more for you, post-call.

The Future of AI Phone Calls, Texting and Assistants

The Text-Call-AI Technique, pioneered by Structurely, is a winning combination of powerful tools, like the new AI dialer, text AI and an AI assistant who can actually do the hard work of sales for you.

But, historically, that has only been pre-call, or pre-closing.

Now that Structurely’s AI Power Dialer and AI Live Transfers have visibility into what exactly happened on your phone calls (because remember, every deal you’ve closed has likely had at least 1 phone call) Structurely’s AI can help you take every single next step to close a deal.

That means doing things like:

  • Automatically sending a text when a voicemail is detected to get a call back
  • Automatically sending a pricing schedule to a lead who mentions it on a call
  • Automatically sending a call/meeting reminder text to a lead at the time they requested the call
  • Automatically following up with a “not ready” lead at the later timeline they mentioned
  • and much much more…

Structurely’s AI Power Dialer plus AI Live Transfers, AI texting and AI assistant will do all of the above for you and your call center sales team. The goal? To free up your reps to make more calls than ever, without lifting a finger.

Learn more about the Structurely AI Power Dialer today by talking to our sales team