Meet the New and Improved AI Response Generation at Structurely Using World-class Large Language Models (LLMs)
December 6, 2023

Meet the New Structurely AI Scripts using our World-Class AI Response Generator

Structurely’s conversational AI platforms have processed over 25,000,000 messages sent to and from leads.

It’s safe to say we know our way around AI messaging.

But, we also know that we must constantly

  • stay up to date on the newest AI technologies 
  • update our sales scripts for qualifying leads
  • create world-class conversations between our AI sales assistant and your leads

After all, it’s our mission as a company to create mind-blowing conversational experiences that leave you (the sales team) and your lead’s talking to our AI, overly satisfied.

We don’t take mediocre AI conversations lightly. It’s why we’re leaders amongst other conversational AI companies for our ability to offer you the most robust script customization, human-like AI conversations, and flexibility in conversations, in the market.

And now, we’re taking our AI messaging and scripting to the next level with even more large language model (LLM) support in Structurely.

We are introducing Structurely’s brand-new AI messaging and scripting using our world-class AI response generator.

Try Structurely’s AI Sales Follow-up Message Generator for a taste of our new AI messaging

Example of Structurely’s AI messaging before and after AI response generator revision

Not just better messages, but an overhauled conversational experience

Structurely has long been a leader in conversational AI. From being the first to market in real estate conversational AI in 2016, utilizing our own proprietary GPT-2 technology stack

To today, still utilizing our own proprietary machine learning technology to have world-class conversations, but now trained on over 25,000,000+ hand-labled sales messages by our expert team of AI trainers.

Now, we’re pushing the bar forward again. It’s true, you’d have to be living under a rock if you’ve not heard of the newest AI technologies like OpenAI’s GPT-4, Facebook’s Llama 2, Google’s new Bard with Gemeni, or other large language models (LLMs).

Structurely has long been a pioneer of LLMs, utilizing an open-source configuration of our own fine-tuned GPT-2 model all the way back in 2016 and we haven’t stopped. We are currenty using or researching proprietary LLMs to power a variety of things at Structurely including:

  • Text based conversational AI
  • Text analysis
  • Response generation
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Generative AI hallucination prevention
  • Voice Transcription
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Voice Analysis
  • Voice Synthesis (coming soon)
  • Conversational voice (coming soon)

Now, we’re continuing on our path to leverage the new power of these LLMs, further within our own tech stack, in an extremely narrowly focused way to benefit you, our users, looking to have world-class sales conversations using AI.

Here’s how our new AI text response generator works to build even better conversations:

  1. You utilize our pre-built scripts or build custom scripts using our proprietary scripting engine (previous functionality)
  2. Our AI follows up with leads for 12 months using pre-built or custom drip messages
  3. When a lead responds, our AI has a 2-way qualifying conversation (previous functionality)
  4. Our proprietary models predict responses utilizing our scripting engine (custom or pre-built) based on what the lead is saying in conversation (previous functionality)
  5. The originally predicted response from Structurely goes into a proprietary LLM engine for “expert revision” using the same core conversation script/flow (new functionality)

Try Structurely’s AI Sales Follow-up Message Generator for a taste of our new AI messaging

In summary, we’re taking our existing scripting engine that you love (with the market’s best customization, flexibility and human-ness) and marrying it with world-class AI models, that will “expertly revise” our messages within a strict set of guidelines, keeping the same conversation flow, structure and flexibility.

The results: real-world examples of Structurely’s new generative AI messages

Let’s show, not tell. Here are real world examples of our newly, AI-revised messages, being sent to real leads with our customers:

A real world AI-revised before and after message

An example of an AI-revised message using Structurely’s AI response generation

An AI-revised message showing a better response to the lead’s message

You can see in the examples above, that Structurely’s conversations before, were already great. In fact, we’ve long boasted a 57% average response rate, and a 0.01% “AI detection rate” (meaning, 99.99% of all conversations, our leads believe they’re talking to a real human).

But now, our messages are taking it up a notch. They’re even more contextual, personable and relevant. Leading to higher quality conversations, and ultimately, more conversions to sales.

The best of both worlds: generative AI + conversational AI = world-class conversations that produce real-world results

AI is everywhere today. Every day new large language models are released, that are doing incredible things. Structurely has been playing it’s part as a leader in AI since 2017. 

With that time, we’ve built the most powerful, robust and flexible conversational AI you can get out of the box. It’s why many customers (from public enterprises to small teams) choose us.

They know that with Structurely you will get powerful, yet controllable AI. Our scripting engine lets you build your own conversations so your brand is perfectly represented, in exactly your own words. 

The newest generative AI models are more powerful than any AI we’ve ever seen. But, they’re often times uncontrollable. You never really know what they might do or say. (In fact, many people refer to this as the hallucination problem). But nonetheless, they can do incredible things.

The best of both worlds, is to combine advanced generative AI LLMs with refined, proprietary AI models and logic. Giving you absolute certainty that your AI “won’t go off the rails”, but while also providing the sheer power that these advanced models can bring.

That is exactly what Structurely’s new world-class AI response generator does. 

And all this is live in Structurely today. 

Try Structurely’s AI Sales Follow-up Message Generator for a taste of our new AI messaging

Looking for a way to start with generative or conversational AI? Structurely is a controllable, quick way to dip your toes in – start with us today.