How to set up HubSpot SMS in 3 Simple Steps
September 14, 2021
Customer Journey

Around and around you go chasing your leads and customers.

Email, phone call, social touch. Email, phone call, social touch…

But no response…just crickets.

Had you added text messaging to the mix, however, you’d have seen a 57%+ response rate.

So why haven’t you added SMS texting to your sales and marketing mix yet?

It’s likely because your CRM (like HubSpot) doesn’t natively support SMS messages right?

We’ve heard it before, take it from Cristina, a salesperson at Ascend Business Growth who says,

“I’m doing a lot of manually texting from my personal cell phone and logging the texts in HubSpot as an email because they don’t support text. I need a better way”.

Sound like you? No tracking, no automation, and inaccurate reporting. That’s a recipe to make sales and marketing teams question their own sanity.

But fret not, we’re going to show you how folks like Cristina, and public companies have set up text messaging right within their HubSpot account in 3 simple steps.

Cristina have set up text messaging right within their HubSpot.

But first: HubSpot SMS is not built-in, but you can use the Structurely + HubSpot integration

Here it is, the Too Long Don’t Read (TL;DR) version: Hubspot does not have SMS built in to send and receive text messages from right from the CRM.

However, you can use Structurely’s HubSpot integration to do just that: automate texts to and from your team and your leads and customers.

So let’s get set up.

Step 1: Review the text message apps with integrations in the HubSpot App Marketplace

Structurely isn’t the only product that integrates with HubSpot and can be used to send SMS.

There are other options, and you should review those to decide what’s best for you.

Let’s break down a quick comparison between Structurely and the rest of the text messaging apps.
Structurely can:

  • Send automated follow-up text messages
  • Update HubSpot contacts’ profile with text message activity in real-time
  • Allow contacts to be enrolled into text messaging sales and marketing campaigns manually or automatically using HubSpot workflows
  • Use a text message artificial intelligence (AI) assistant to communicate with your contacts for you
  • Have customized messages send automatically or using AI with personalized merge fields from HubSpot

Other apps can:

  • Send manual text messages created by yourself
  • Use personalized merge fields
  • Not follow up automatically using long term text message sequences
  • Not use AI to have two-way conversations with contacts

If you’re looking to automate more business text messaging, integrated completely within HubSpot, then Structurely is for you.

Review the text message apps with integrations in the HubSpot App Marketplace.

Not only does Structurely do the basics other text messaging apps for HubSpot do, but it can back up the claim to authentic automation with an average 57% engagement rate and 13% conversion rate to a human rep hand-off.

Most text messaging automation apps only help you manually send more messages, Structurely actually sends them for you in a completely customized and indistinguishable-from-human way (seriously over 10,000 reps use us to talk to over 5MM contacts).

So here’s how to set up the Structurely and HubSpot integration.

Step 2: Segment the contacts you want to text message and enroll them in Structurely from HubSpot

Next, it’s time to get your HubSpot contacts texted.

With Structurely that can be done in one easy step.

Simply add a new custom contact property to all your contacts called “enroll_in_structurely” as a single select dropdown field.

Then, add any number of your own custom values to that custom contact property signifying a specific campaign, type, or designation for your contacts.

These values could range from any of the following as a starting point:

  • Old webinar leads
  • Pre MQL
  • Post webinar
  • Closed lost
  • Post demo went cold

As you can see, these values should represent the type of campaign you want to segment your contacts into. This will not only help you understand how and what you might be texting your leads at a high level to help with reporting but is also what allows them to become eligible for specific AI text messaging campaigns in Structurely

specific AI text messaging campaigns in Structurely.

Step 3: Manually text your contacts or use AI to do so automatically for you

Now that your contacts are enrolled in Structurely they can be text messaged, nice.

Structurely provides you a local area code phone number that you can choose, where these text messages will take place with your contacts.

The only decision you have left to make is: do you want to manually text these contacts one-by-one, or do you want AI to do so for yo

 use AI to text your contacts.

Manually text messaging your contacts

If you have pre-existing relationships or conversations with the contacts you’ve enrolled to text message through Structurely, manually text messaging your customers might be your best option.

However, with Structurely you can send bulk text messages to any number of selected contacts. So if you want to get the message out about a new campaign, product, promotion, etc, via a one-off bulk message, manually text messaging is a perfect option.

Automatically text messaging your contacts using AI

Let’s say you want to automatically text message contacts that perform some certain action or meet some criteria. You can’t possibly set up enough checks to monitor every scenario that could make a contact eligible for text messages.

This is where you can combine the power of HubSpot automation and workflows to automatically enroll contacts into Structurely’s AI, and let it handle the conversation from there.

See, the thing with text messages is that they compound quickly and all a sudden after you send 100 text messages you’ve got 50 or more waiting for your reply…and then you repeat that and you’ve got double…yikes, how could you ever keep up?

AI is what helps you keep up. With Structurely, you can customize every aspect of your AI from the initial text message you send out, to the follow-up text message sequences you send over time, to the two-way communication back and forth when a contact replies and even common frequently asked questions and answers.

Every text message is entirely customizable in Structurely.

Every text message is entirely customizable in Structurely.

Start text messaging your contacts today, they’re waiting to hear from you

You text, I text, we all text.

But if you haven’t started text messaging your contacts yet, you’re missing out on one of the most frequently used communication channels of the world, and it’s only growing in success and popularity with businesses.

You’ve now got all the tools you need to start text messaging your customers right from within HubSpot, so everything is tracked, recorded, and ready nice neat, and tidy.

So get texting, your contacts are waiting to hear from you there.