Get the Most From Your Property Management Leads with 2-Way Text and Email Messaging
May 12, 2021

So you’ve just sent a mass text message or email to all your current or prospective tenants…now what?

If you’re like most property managers, you’re now probably sitting on 1,000s of replies from those tenants, all with unique questions and comments.

Now you (or realistically your leasing agents) have to reply 1-by-1 to all those messages manually. Ouch.

1-way messaging was so 2015. 2-way messaging is the new thing.

The #1 factor to improving customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) is quick and timely communication.

And you did everything you were supposed to. You sent out mass communication to all your tenants and they were happy to respond.

But now you’re not happy, because you’ve got to manually respond to each one of them, or else…

The issue with 1-way communication is exactly this, you get so many replies you can’t possibly respond to each in a timely and effective manner.

And the result, you leave your tenants “on read” and their response goes unanswered, making them more frustrated with you than if you had not even messaged them in the first place.

That was the 2015 model, today you can’t afford to leave your tenants unanswered. That’s where 2-way messaging using artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. Say hello to the future πŸ‘‹πŸ»

How to set up 2-way text messaging and email with AI

Welcome to the future. Where you write up your mass text message or email, follow-ups, and scripts and click “publish” and your AI does the rest.

It’s really that easy, but let’s break it down:

1. Connect your CRM, Property Management Software (PMS), or lead sources/portals connected to an AI system (like Structurely)

Connecting the tech you use to manage all your current and prospective tenants is easy with an AI system like Structurely.

The tech you already use like:

These tools are already supported so the AI simply gets alerted when a new tenant contact is created, or you can upload all the tenants in your database via a CSV.

2. Write your introductory mass text message or email and optional follow-ups for if the tenant doesn’t respond at first

Just like you’d write your mass 1-way communication messages in your CRM or PMS today, you can do the same within your AI system, which will initiate the messaging sequence(s) over the channels you pick when you’re ready.

But don’t stop there. Most sales take between 6-8 contact attempts to close. You can and should write follow-up drip messages to continue sending to your contacts if they don’t respond at first.

3. Write scripts for your AI to respond to those current or prospective tenants who have responded to your mass text message or email

This is where it starts to get fun. Clone yourself and your leasing agents by creating a custom script your AI can use to reply to all tenants who reply to your outbound message.

Ask qualifying questions, create custom answers to FAQs, and even write in empathetic and other humanlike responses to make your tenants feel like they’re talking to just another member of your team.

It’s all possible with AI.

Don’t believe it? Try mass messaging 100+ tenants right now.

Don’t believe the hype?

Here’s a challenge. Go into your CRM or PMS and pick 100+ current or prospective tenants and send a mass text message or email to them.

Give it a day or two, and tell us how many responses you got. 30, 40, 50+?

That’s great right?

Of course, it is… at least until you now have to manually reply to each one of them.

How about next time you try that little experiment you let AI do it for you πŸ™‚

Want to learn more about how to automate messaging your tenants?

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Happy leasings,

The Structurely Team