What Does an AI Email Assistant Mean to Real Estate Lead Generation?
November 23, 2020
Real Estate

Let me paint a picture for you real quick.

Your internet leads are flowing into your real estate CRM, they’re qualified, and your lead generation flywheel is turning faster than you can imagine – and you’re getting a massage on the beach.

Ahhhhh, doesn’t that sound like heaven?

Well, I can’t do anything about the massage or the beach, but I can do something about the first part of that picture.

You see, qualifying your online leads is our thing.

You may know us as the text message chatbot company. We’re still that company for sure, but we also have a pretty sweet email product that we’d like to introduce to you.

Taking a Step Back

But, before I get into the email product, let’s take a quick step back to talk about the value our text message product has meant to your market.

Our AI Assistant engages, qualifies, and even nurtures your website leads at scale. She has solved the lead follow-up problem for more than 5,000 real estate agents nationwide. Her engaging two-way conversation handles your customer’s objections, is empathetic, and even sprinkled with emojis from time to time.

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She solves a considerable problem for your team, considering many of your leads take 6 to 8 months to close and each lead needs to feel heard, understood, and valued.

It is really hard to make your online lead feel valued when you’re busy trying to hold an open house or working with another customer.

The Weeds

If you know how our AI Assistant texts your customers you can skip through this section.

For those of you who don’t, I’m not going to get real technical here, but I am going to get into the weeds just a little.

When your online lead fills out your form to say – hey! I want to learn more about the house at 1234 Washington Ave. – that lead generally goes into your real estate CRM.


I say “generally” because I know there are many different ways to slice a potato. But, that is the process for most of our customers.

Then, specific to your lead routing rules in your CRM, the lead is handed off to the appropriate person.

Then you usually send them an email or you call them directly.

Am I close?

With your new AI Assistant in place, the lead is routed from your website to your CRM, like usual. This is where it is different depending on the integrations built with your CRM, so I’ll just talk in general terms.

If you want to get farther into the weeds with the specifics of your CRM we’d gladly have that conversation.

But, for the purposes of this post let’s just assume the lead is sent to your CRM per usual.

Only, this time the lead data info is passed to your AI Assistant who immediately responds to the lead within two minutes. She engages them, qualifies, sets the appointment, and then sends you the info back into your CRM so you can see the conversation in your lead record.

This is the reality with your AI Assistant in place, it might be pretty close to heaven.

How the AI Email Assistant Fits into the picture

I get it. You text your leads. You rarely email them.

I’m not taking anything away from that.

But, wouldn’t it be great to add another medium into the mix for those customers who don’t like to text?

That is what the AI Email Assistant is all about. She is not there to replace texting. Rather, she is a great compliment.

She is there as an added benefit. You see, some of your customers could leave you their email address on the form.

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In that case, your AI Assistant would email and text that lead immediately. If the customer responds to the email we can handle the conversation there without issue. If they want to text, we’ll handle it there too.

The really cool part, in my opinion, is when the customer wants to switch between the mediums.

Let’s say, for example, the customer fills out your online form at 7 am – way before you want to be responding to a text. Your AI Assistant responds and the customer picks texting to correspond.

That text conversation is back and forth, your Assistant is doing her thing qualifying the opportunity.

Then, the customer says they’d like to switch to email because they’re going to work and they can’t text.

Your Assistant will pick up the conversation right where it left off without skipping a beat.

You’ve sent emails before.

But, have you sent emails and had a conversation with your leads without even making a keystroke?

That is the magic of your AI Email Assistant.

Interested in learning more?

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