Dials Are Dying…But Email Isn’t: Introducing Your New AI Email Assistant
November 20, 2020

We’ve all seen it, felt it, and heard it.

Dials are dying.

There, I said it, and we’ve said it before.

Your contacts are not going to pick up the phone when you call them cold, from a number they don’t know… those days are over.

It’s why we’ve invested so heavily into bringing you to the new age of texting.

And now, we’re helping you take things even further.

Introducing the all-new AI Email Assistant from Structurely (feel free to be amazed πŸ˜‰)

AI Email Assistant from Structurely.

Long live email

“Email is dead” – said all of us at one point, probably.

But guess who’s still alive and kicking against all odds, that’s right… email!

3.9 BILLION daily active users can’t seem to kick email. It’s so ingrained in our lives we couldn’t live without it. So guess what, email lives on…long live email.

Email AI for the 22nd century (yes, like in the future πŸš€)

Let’s face it, your grandma uses email. It’s okay so does mine. But guess what, so do I.

The beauty of email is everyone uses it.

But frankly, just like grandma, email hasn’t seen much innovation in the last…well…ever.

Lucky for you, Structurely is here to change that, with our new AI Email Assistant.

Here’s how it works:

  • We give you a unique pre-provided email, like your.name@messagingassistant.com (we use messagingassistant.com to keep a low profile when emailing your contacts)
  • But fret not! If you want, you can set up your own custom domain to have your AI Email send and receive from (🀯)
  • Contacts can email your AI directly, reach out via forms, or get uploaded to Structurely. Either way, we’ll reach out to them over email, follow up with them for 12 months and engage in a 2-way conversation when they reply
AI Email Assistant.

But wait there’s more…

The real beauty in the all-new Structurely AI Email Assistant is (drumroll please)………… text messages.

Email meet text, text meet email 🀝

Here’s a secret. Emailing your contacts alone isn’t going to cut it.

Texting and emailing at the same time will lift your response rates above 57%, trust us, we’ve looked through 2 MILLION+ leads so we know a thing or two about this.

With our new AI Email, our existing AI Text will work alongside its new friend, sending nearly 50 follow up touches over 12 months.

And when a contact replies over either text or email, your AI Assistant is smart enough to hold the conversation on the contact’s channel of choice.

If a contact starts responding on email, then switches to text, worry not, your AI Assistant will follow.

your AI Assistant.

You’re sitting on a goldmine, mine it with AI Email

Have you ever longed jealously at gold miners or oil drillers who struck it big?

Well, look down, deep down, in your marketing, sales, or support software.

Those contacts who are sitting there, who haven’t heard from you in ages are gold.

Don’t believe me? I challenge you to go into your business system/CRM and create a list of all contacts who:

  • Have an email
  • Haven’t been contacted in 6 months

How many contacts match?

However many, it’s too many. There’s your gold.

(Here’s ours at Structurely… yikes, 15% of our contacts haven’t even heard from us in 6 months… time to get back to work 😨)

You're sitting on a goldmine, mine it with AI Email.

How can you mine that list with AI Email?

Simple really.

All you have to do is get Structurely setup with your business system (and lucky for you we integrate with lots)

  • SalesForce
  • HubSpot
  • Follow up Boss
  • Sierra Interactive
  • Zendesk Sell
  • ……….just to name a few

With these awesome integrations, you can just simply add a tag, something like “enroll in Structurely” and BOOMπŸ’₯  that contact is now going to be engaged, followed-up, and have a 2-way conversation with your AI Assistant over text and/or email.

conversation with your AI Assistant.

Get in on the action

Quit sitting on the sidelines and start emailing.

It’s time to take action. You’ve got contacts to close, and they’re expecting to hear from you.

AI Email is FREE with any new Structurely plan.

AI Email is FREE with any new Structurely plan.

AI Email is FREE with any new Structurely plan.

Yes, we had to write that three times it make it stand out, and if you’re reading this I’m glad because AI Email is now available in your Structurley account (if you already have one, you can opt into, this new super rad feature here).

If not, well why not, do you like making less money than your peers?

Get started now.

Happy closings,

The Structurely Team

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