1 Lead, Infinite Conversations… Introducing Multi Conversations
December 13, 2022

Let’s cut to the chase.

We just released a new feature called Multi Conversations, and I know it’ll blow your mind if you just give us 2 minutes to read this post.

Before Multi Conversations. 1 Contact. 1 Conversation.

Before Multi Conversations, you could only have 1 conversation with a contact, like this:

While it’s great our AI Assistant will work its tail off to follow up with that contact for a long time until they respond, then it qualifies them for you… 

What happens if that contact fills out another form again, or you talk to them personally, or they start a chat with you somewhere else, or…or…or – there’s a lot that can and does happen between the time a contact comes into contact with your business, and when they work with you.

After Multi Conversations. 1 Contact. Infinite Conversations.

Now, with Multi Conversations, your AI Assistant can have infinite conversations with 1 contact. Like so:

The possibilities are nearly endless. Here’s just a few of the new use cases you can setup:

  • Re-engage a contact each time they fill out a new property inquiry form
  • Restart a followup cadence for a contact that has moved from “new lead” to “follow up” in your CRM
  • Change a script, mid conversation, with a contact who becomes “agent ready”

Got it? Okay let’s get you set up. Each set up is different based on your CRM, lead generation and various business workflows. So let’s chat about your specific use case with Multi Conversations.

Here’s an Example

Here’s an example of Multi Conversations in action.

  1. I’m Nate, a lead looking on your home search site, who’s forced to register to keep looking.
  1. Nate has now been created as a lead in your CRM. When using Structurely, we pick up on Nate the lead from your CRM and engage and follow up over Text and Email.

  1. Nate has a short conversation with your AI Assistant (like above). Then, Nate goes back to your website and fills out another form. This time, a specific property inquiry.

  1. That new form registration triggers an update on Nate’s record in your CRM, which Structurely picks up on. This causes Structurely to reach out to Nate again, using a different Script and Drip, all thanks to the new Multi Conversations feature.

Before Multi Conversations, Structurely’s AI Assistant would have simply treated Nate as a duplicate lead after he registered for the second time, and stopped reaching out.

(p.s. We still support this duplicate contact checker feature as our default if you wish to continue working this way. Multi Conversations is a feature you need to have requested to turn on and we will help you through your ideal workflow.)

Pretty nifty huh? Is your mind spinning with the possibilities? Yeah, so are ours.

No need to wait any longer, I can see you chomping at the bit to start using Multi Conversations. 

So get started using it today by opting into the BETA feature from your Structurely dashboard.

– The Structurely Team

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